Pool Table Moving

Pool Table Moving Gets Safer With Us

A billiard table is a heavy piece of equipment that can weigh up to 1000 pounds or more. That means you are not going to move it all by yourself because it could mean serious injury and broken table if you happen to do it wrong. If you are looking for a pool table moving company then you should find us

Why should you leave your cherished table at our hands?

We are the professional movers that possess expertise and knowledge to dismantle and reassemble your table without making your table go through any kind of experience that might result in damage.

Cost is competitive: We make sure that we offer a competitive price to all our clients. However, the price depends upon the model, type of the playing surface and a few other factors. You should, in fact, consult us and we would love to assist you.

An analytical approach: Since pool tables are huge, it sometimes gets complex to transport them, therefore, we analyze the need, inspect buildings to find it the best possible action plan that would make us move quickly

A brief look at our service:

    • We offer you highly trained moving professionals to carry out the job
    • We are licensed and insured. That means you can expect better service and security from us
    • We are experienced in moving locally and internationally
    • We have the right equipment for dismantling, transporting and reassembling your table
    • We are quick and responsible

    If you are looking for a pool table moving company, then you should call us and we would love to have a quick look at your needs before giving you the perfect solution. Our team is experienced and expert in handling all kind of pool table moving needs. So, call us now if you have a requirement.