Car Loading and Lashing

Car Loading and Lashing

We know that for you automobile is very important as it could be expensive or it must have some other significance for you and you want to locate it from point A to point B for some reason then don’t worry how?, the answer is your worries are going to end because we practice a professional service for our clients.

Vehicle which has to be done cargo or dry cargo is insured with us and we are obliged to return it intact. For safe transfer from one place to another we lash the cars to the floor of container or trailer in such a way that it may not move to and fro or sideways on getting the jerks. The reason behind these all efforts is just to keep your belongings safe.

Our cargo securing arrangements

  • Our tools include ropes, wires, webbings, bandings, strapping or chains, bottle screws and other patent tensioning devices.
  • We are expert in Tomming
  • Anti skid measures
  • Even out a stow with dunnage to make several units into one block. Also stowing bags or cartons in different directions in each layer forms a self-locking slab which is a tight stow for shifting cargoes

Our Speciality

  • Our success is fair and low price
  • Good and professional staff
  • 24 hours services
  • Exemplary customer service
  • Queries will be solved in detailed and transparent way
  • Well trained and professional staff